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Your Career's Info Is...

Wheat Cultivator

Sugarcane Cultivator

Bulb crop cultivator


Tea plantation worker

Coriander Cultivator

Broiler Poultry Farm Worker

Hatchery Incharge

Agriculture extension

Agriculture Extension Executive

Coconut Farmer

Animal Health Worker

Solar Pump technician


CA Store Technician/Operator

Maize Cultivator

Pulses Cultivator

Tuber crop cultivator

Solanaceous crop cultivator

Chillies Cultivator

Ripening Chamber Operator

Hatchery production worker

Shrimp farmer

Dairy Worker

Agriculture Field Officer

Neera Technician

Bamboo Grower

Packhouse Worker

Organic Grower

Community Service Provider

Soyabean Cultivator

Mango grower

Banana farmer

Floriculturist - Open cultivation

Coffee plantation worker

Micro irrigation technician

Broiler Poultry Farm Supervisor

Marine capture fisherman

Seed Processing Worker

Veterinary Field Assistant

Veterinary Clinical Assistant

Cold Storage Supervisor


Climate Change & Risk Mitigation Manager

Cotton Cultivator

Citrus fruit grower

Paddy farmer

Floriculturist - Protected cultivation

Green house fitter

Harvesting Machine Operator

Dairy Farmer Entrepreneur

Quality Seed Grower

Warehouse Worker

Friends of Coconut Tree

Bare Foot Technician

Coldstore Keeper

Cold storage Manager

Tractor operator

Artificial Insemination Technician