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Your Career's Info Is...

Winding Operator

Welding Operator

Capping Operator

Testing Technician

VLSI Design Engineer

Verification Engineer

Die Bonding Operator

Functional Tester – Medical Devices

Auto Tester - Capacitor

Vacuum Plant Operator

Sorting Operator

Silicone Painting Operator

Masking Machine Operator

Physical Design Engineer

Design-for-Test Engineer

Installation and Service Engineer

Manual Soldering Technician

Pressing Machine Operator

Assembly Operator - Capacitor

Coating, Curing & Marking Operator

Final Assembly Operator - Magnetics

Business Development Executive

Embedded Software Engineer

Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technician

Encapsulation Operator

Testing Technician

Drilling Operator

Routing Operator

TV Repair Technician

Field Technician - AC

Material Inspector

Functional Tester - RAC

Functional Tester - TV

Safety Tester - TV

Safety Tester - RACWO

Product Engineer

Disk Duplicator

Service Engineer

Final Testing Technician

Sales Executive

Purchase Executive

PPC Engineer

Electrical Technician

Mechanical Fitter

Assembly Supervisor

ICT Machine Operator


Area Sales Officer

Functional Tester

Performance Tester

Reliability Tester

Box Assembly Operator

PCB Assembly Operator

Quality Engineer

Calibration Engineer

FPGA Design Engineer

Systems Analyst

PCB Design Engineer

Wireman – Control Panel

DTH Set Top Box Installation & Service Technician

DAS Set Top Box Installation & Service Technician

Wire Bonding Operator

Circuit Imaging Operator

Bare Board Testing Operator

Maintenance Executive

Field Engineer –RACW

In-Store Demonstrator

Assembly Operator-RAC

Assembly Operator-TV

Injection Molding Operator

Performance Tester -RACWO

Performance Tester - TV

Sales Executive-IT Hardware

Assembly Line Operator

Incoming QC Technician

Test and Repair Technician

Customer Care Executive

Remote Helpdesk Technician

CCTV Installation Technician

IT Coordinator in School

Stencil Printing Operator

Manual Insertion Operator

PCB - AOI Machine Operator

Module Soldering Operator

Incoming Inspection Technician

Auto - AOI Machine Operator

Potting and Curing Operator

Assembly Operator - UPS

Assembly Operator - PLC

Safety Testing Technician

Site Engineer – Control Panel

Repair Assistant Switches

Systems Design Engineer

LED Light Design Engineer

Mechanical Assembly Operator

LED Light Repair Technician

LED Light Design Validation Engineer

Cutting, Crimping and Connector Assembly

Testing and Validation Engineer

Inner Layer and Pressing Operator

Field Technician – Refrigerator

Field Technician – Other Home Appliances

Field Technician – Washing Machine

Field Technician – Digital Camera

Sales Executive-Consumer Electronics

Machine Maintenance Technician

Electrical Design Developer

Final Product QC Technician

Maintenance Technician

Field Technician – Computing and Peripherals

Field Technician – Networking and Storage

Access Controls Installation Technician

Installation Technician – Computing and

Through Hole Assembly Operator

Pick and Place Assembly Operator

Box-building Assembly Technician

In-process and Final Quality Engineer

Solar Module Assembly Technician

Solar Panel Installation Technician

Solar PV System Installation Engineer

PV System Maintenance Technician

Design-for-Manufacture Engineer

Electronic Hardware Design Engineer

Sub-assembly Technician (Electronic)

Mechanical Sub-assembly Technician

Customer Inspection Technician

Field Technician – UPS and Inverter

Mechanical Fitter – Control Panel

Assembly Operator – Energy Meter

Electrical Assembly Operator – Control Panel

Component Preparation Operator

Wave Soldering Machine Operator

Reflow -oven Soldering Operator

Sales Executive-Medical Electronics

Purchase Executive-Medical Electronics