India produces around 8 lakh engineering graduates and an equal number of MBAs every year, churned out from the ever growing number of educational institutions. However, lack of employment remains a major hurdle for them. Jobs are indeed available, but most of these graduates are not fit for employment because they mostly lack hands-on-training and even basic skills. So even after securing 90-95% marks, most students fail to get a good job.

Nasscom (Nov 2009) states the only 25% (that is only 1 out of 4) engineering graduates are employable. International magazine The Economist (Jan 2010) says that only 4.2% of India’s engineering graduates are employable in software product companies, while only 17.8% are fit to work in IT services firm. Business Standard (June 2010) says that the number of unemployable engineers will further increase in the coming years. Additionally, there is also a wide gap between skills of rural and urban students, which is why rural students are pushed further backwards.

Every year, we chose 30-60 fellows, based on their willingness and seriousness of making a successful career in their lives. We train them on various skills in communication, IT, verbal ability, teamwork, analytical, English, lateral thinking, creative thinking, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, social responsibilities, corporate insights, leadership, cyber security, etc. Renowned industry experts share their exemplary experiences with the fellows.