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Book is a success tale of two social entrepreneurs enlightening every dreamer to learn the ethics and principles of social entrepreneurship through the narration of their life story. The Story narrates the journey and the services of their social enterprise ‘FUEL’ in India and abroad.

A book is a dream come true. And, this dream couldn’t have been fulfilled without the love and support of the near and dear ones.

Author’s Notes:

Inspiration and Guidance can be the greatest tools to covert dreams into reality.

‘Entrepreneur’s Fuel’ is a book dedicated to the young aspirants who dream to build their own identity with the independent title ‘An Entrepreneur’. When I first decided to work on a book and shared the idea with Ketan, he readily accepted my interest. In fact, I wanted to write a book co-authored by Ketan. The purpose of inviting him to write along with me is to bring out a book of difference – a book to inspire not only the aspiring students, but also the dedicated mentors. I, being an investor have seen many students struggling to pursue their dream career. Many lack the true guidance and support. Through this book, we not only want to inspire the young, but also want to project a true picture of how a mentor-mentee relation carry every potentiality to give shape to a venture and take it in the right direction.

The book carries a story in the form of guiding and inspiring the students, the aspirants to live their dreams and renovate them into reality.

I would request all the readers to welcome this book with love and affection and embrace it as an inspiration to chase your dreams.


Enjoy Reading, Learn and Dream!

Santosh Huralikoppi,

Chief Mentor – Fuel

Every problem can be converted to an opportunity with a focused mind.

Extremely thankful to Santosh sir, who invited me to co-author this book. It seemed to be the best way to convey my struggles and success to the young and aspiring leaders and inspire them to set their goal and toil with constructive ideas to achieve success. I had to go through tough times and faces many hardship while chasing my dream career. There was none to show me the path to pursue the right career, and due to lack of information, I had to fight battles with no proper aids.

The episodes of my hardship made me realize that there are many like me and may be in a poorer state than me. This brought a revolution in my mind and I worked hard to bring education opportunities to the aspiring students with career guidance schemes and programs. I dedicated my success to the young minds to direct them in the right path.

This book will serve as a guide and an inspiration to many like me preparing the youth to face various challenges and would act as a motivating force towards success.


Happy Reading!

Go chase your dreams!

Ketan Deshpande

Founder and CEO – Fuel