Our aim is to be able to reach out to youth from the most vulnerable, poor and socially backward classes who are unaware of education or career opportunities and are unable to access or succeed in the system. We seek to provide them the best possible career guidance, higher education information and skill training so that they are able to excel in their careers. Your support in terms of monetary contribution will help us in our objective. If you choose to contribute, we will be glad to provide you information regarding where your contribution is utilized.

Introduce FUEL to your organisation.
Be our Cyber Advocate and introduce us to your networks.

Volunteer to share career information at our programs.
Visit the schools we work in, assess our programs and its effectiveness by spending time with beneficiaries.
Participate as a volunteer at our events according to your availability and interest.
Write articles for our blog.

Donate – Corporate Support and Volunteering

We invite corporates to partner with us to extend their contributions toward the youth of our country.

At FUEL, we take great pride in transparency and accountability to all of our stakeholders: youth, their families, communities, donors and sponsors.

We seek to work with leading companies in long-term, multi-faceted partnerships that generate the most sustainable impact.
CSR support whether in the form of donations or volunteering has helped FUEL in achieving many of its objectives. FUEL strongly believes in the power of partnerships and collaborative efforts and has a rich history of working with the corporate sector. FUEL supports companies that aim to strengthen their commitment towards a positive contribution to India’s communities and provides a platform to achieve their CSR and business objectives.